Buy Firewood offers high quality, affordable firewood ordered directly from the online store and delivered to your door. A selection of birch bobbins and mixed bobbins for small and large needs. Working with an external transport service provider ensures that the firewood arrives safely and effortlessly anywhere in Germany

Firewood is packed in sacks made of combustible materials that can be burned together with the wood. Firewood is domestic energy wood from forest felling, the burning of which for heating and cooking in households, businesses and summer houses in Finland is still a very ecologically and economically sensible solution. The flaps are usually dried by air drying with an external air dryer specially built for this purpose. All shingles are cut to a length of approximately 25-30 centimetres, making the wood suitable for fireplaces and open fires as well as stoves and other smaller fireplaces.


The company's background is solid expertise in firewood and forestry, which means that the firewood sold in the store goes through the rigorous process of a professional in the field, which guarantees the consistently high quality of the trees. The company's working principle is to always do what is promised, i.e. the ordered firewood is always of high quality, dry, delivered exactly to the place, in a size that fits into the firebox and burns with excellent embers.

In the firewood online shop you will also find ecologically produced fabric bags for transporting and storing firewood.


The product range now also includes various electronics, for which the product range will be expanded in the future. In the future, for example, smartphones and other electronic products will also be available in the online shop. As a new service, a multi-supplier online shop platform where eager newcomers or professionals can register as a member and build their own online business with sellers from other suppliers. Many providers




Another great source for renewable energy is bioenergy. This source is created or made available though different biological resources like biomass. Any material that has sunlight stored inside them in the form of chemical energy is called a biomass.


Bioenergy is the source of energy that can be obtained from biomass. It is said that biomass is the fuel that’s being used while bioenergy is the energy that can be extracted from that fuel.





Biomass is a type of renewable source that is from biological materials that are obtained from the recently living or living organisms like animal based materials, vegetables and plants. Other materials like animal manure, slurries, straws, husks, poultry litter, trees and agriculture can also be used to produce biomass.


In simpler terms, bioenergy is the fuel that is provided by recently living materials that are produced naturally such as animal fat, wood or plants. In a more complicated or scientific explanation, utilizing bacteria that are genetically modified so that it will create cellulosic ethanol can also produce Bioenergy. Oil and coal are also organic matter but they are not considered as sources for bioenergy since they were not living things in the first place.


One of the major impact that bioenergy will have in our lives is that is can replace our existing diesel and petrol with little or no changes or modifications to the engines. Bioethanol and biodiesel are already making their names known that even some notable vehicle manufacturers are already pledging to support this discovery. Plus, with the go green movement, news about biodiesel and its positive impact on our environment have become more widespread.


There are different types of bioenergy and they can be produced through different ways and they also have different uses.


By fermenting the starch or sugar portions of certain agricultural materials, bioethanol can be produced. The most common materials used for this are sugar cane, sugar beet or maize. As of today, the largest producers of bioethanol are the United States, China and Brazil. It has also been reported that majority of Brazil’s vehicles are already powered by bioethanol.


Biodiesel is extracted from both inedible or edible plant oils like palm oil or grape seed. It has also been noted that waste-cooking oil is also useable for biodiesel.


Carbon dioxide and methane are used to create what we call biogas. It is produced from biomass such as biodegradable waste, sludge, sewage, feedstock and even manure. It can be used as an addition to natural gas to be used in vehicles or burned to produce energy.


The solid types of bioenergy are wood, charcoal and biomass pellets. These items are basically burned to heat or to produce electricity.


Promoting or using bioenergy is greatly beneficial to the earth not only because it can potentially replace fossil fuels, but also because it can help lessen our waste. It is the proof that there is indeed money or more uses for what we see as trash and that if we use them to the best of our abilities, we will be able to use them to produce a cleaner and more sustainable form of energy.